BIM in the Field

Bring BIM into the Field

Complex projects require many complex drawings to be available in the field. If you can’t access BIM drawings, then orientations aren’t clear and details can be missed – causing costly rework to be done.

The adoption of BIM has transformed the process of designing, constructing, and commissioning, which has led to improvements in quality and cost. Previously, it was a challenge to make BIM work optimally in the field, as the technology was limited to desktop computers and large network-based stores of data. Today’s new BIM mobile app solutions make it possible to gain the benefits from BIM in the field.

Using Latista Field with BIM app, construction teams can coordinate their efforts using a 3D representation of a project that allows them to visualize the designs that govern construction, and places the quality criteria embedded in the model at their fingertips.

  • Provide users with detailed 3D models
  • Improve construction quality management and building commissioning
  • Render complex models rapidly
  • Zoom to detailed views
  • Interact with the model using an iPad
  • Import equipment/properties from Navisworks
  • Manage issues/inspections from the model
  • Navigate the model using viewpoints
  • Scan equipment barcodes in the field
  • View/hide specific model layers
  • Filter the model on the fly
  • Go from a marked-up BIM snapshot into the model

The Latista App

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