The Most Complete Commissioning Solution

When you’re bringing on a billion-dollar manufacturing plant, you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Today’s sophisticated construction projects involve constructing buildings to exact specifications and installing and testing thousands of pieces of equipment. Managing these projects is a complex process with numerous tasks that need to be coordinated, while maintaining quality and building commissioning best practices in addition to proper documentation. Commissioning (Cx) is the systematic quality assurance commissioning software process that verifies all the functional requirements of the owner are met and that the facility and its assemblies operate efficiently as per the project specifications.

Cx is a very crucial part of the construction process since it integrates all the different systems, equipment and materials of a facility and makes sure they operate as designed.

With this easy-to-use construction commissioning app, Latista Field helps you automate scripts, track systems and equipment status, and document the full inspection and building commissioning process. Once complete, owners can sign their approval directly on the tablet and be left with a complete construction roadmap.

The Latista Field Cx module can:
  • Automate the building commissioning process
  • Set up electronic forms and configurable workflows
  • Interactively record tests on digital forms
  • Track status using a dashboard that is updated in real time
  • Integrate with schedule management solutions, Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project
  • Monitor scheduled dates and visually track status for each step
  • Set up and manage equipment and dependencies between equipment online
  • Set up notifications of key events in the process
  • Control who can perform each step
  • Access reference documents
  • Track project status on dashboards

The Latista App

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