Job Pics

A picture is worth a thousand words…especially when it comes to field management

There is a growing appreciation of how digital photographs can be used to improve the construction business.   Where do you keep your Job site “as built” photos?  Who uploads them and how are they organized?  When there is a dispute or claim, can you easily search through thousands of photos to see what really happened?

With Latista’s Job Pics, general contractors and subcontractors will be able to easily capture, view, and share their project’s visual construction progress.   This can provide the project team with quick visual updates of progress and impediments, foster accountability on the jobsite, and facilitate quicker dispute resolution.

Geotag Job Pics using your Mobile Device

With Latista Job Pics, you can use your Mobile device to capture issue, inspection, and progress photos. Latista will not only automatically capture the data, time, creator, photo type, and location/area of the picture, but will also automatically geotag the geographic coordinates and compass direction of the picture. As soon as you take the picture, you can easily add comments or notes to your picture.

Search thousands of photos any way you like

All photos of your project are available in inspection-grade detail, and indexed by location, date, created by, and notes, allowing you and your team to find information as quickly, and in as much detail as possible. With Latista Job Pics, you will have interactive access to visual “as builts” that can be utilized as a permanent photographic record.

View, Collaborate, and Share progress with Project Stakeholders

You can create on the fly executive job pics reports for weekly, monthly, executive stakeholder meetings. They can also help you give the building owner and the project team visual updates on how the project is going, and what still needs to be done.  Having an up-to-the-minute visual record of a build’s progress can also help the GC and other team leaders adjust workflow as necessary to stay on schedule.   It can also clearly identify impediments that may be holding up progress on a construction site.

Unlimited Storage of your Photos

Latista doesn’t charge you by the megabyte. Users can keep as many photos as desired within Latista.

Secure Access to your Job Pics

Only team members with the appropriate permissions will be able to access project job pics. Appropriate permissions can be set to limit access to team members who can’t see the photos, who can only view photos, and those who can upload, view, and download photos.

The Latista App

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