Reports & Analytics

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Analyzing and sharing project data with team members and owners can be a time-consuming process. How often do you report, how much data do you share? These details need to be managed.

Today, as manual and paper-based processes are replaced by a construction quality and field management solution that promotes automated workflows on mobile devices, more valuable project data is being captured in databases where it can be harnessed.

Latista Field provides a spectrum of information to help keep projects on track and owners satisfied. A library of standard reports highlights key indicators and trends, making it easy to track project performance and identify potential problems before the project is impacted.

Latista Field puts the power of data into your hands with a library of standard reports that include:
  • Areas with the most open issues
  • Average age of open issues by type
  • Average time to close issued by party
  • Completed trend by inspection type
  • Issue distribution by responsible party
  • Overdue issues trend by area
  • Responsible party ranking
  • Top-ten standard issues
  • Total number of issue trends by issue type
  • Weekly issue activity
  • Weekly inspection activity

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